How many types of dental forceps are there?

Dental forceps or dental extraction forceps are of many shapes and points. But there are 10 figures of dental forceps which are commonly used in dental surgery laboratories. These figures are known as
Next Exports Dental Extraction Forceps
Next Exports Dental Extraction Forceps
  • Dental forceps Fig 1
  • Dental forceps Fig 7
  • Dental forceps Fig 1
  • Dental forceps Fig 17
  • Dental forceps Fig 18
  • Dental forceps Fig 22
  • Dental forceps Fig 33
  • Dental forceps Fig 51
  • Dental forceps Fig 67
  • Dental forceps Fig 79
In order to operate dental surgery, each figure of dental extraction forceps is used for specific teeth. Fig.1 of forceps is used for extraction of upper wisdoms. For operating lower molars, fig.22 & 22A is best. For extraction of upper molars of right side, figure 17 is a tool. For lower premolars, figure 13 has been designed. To extract lower roots, you need dental forceps number 33. If you are looking for a dental extraction forceps for upper wisdoms, you need to buy Fig. 67. Apart from these above mentioned figures, now there is a big change. We have designed 2 shapes of dental forceps with the help of dentists that work for all teeth’s.
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